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Pinot Noir

2011 Toolangi Pinot Noir

Moorilla MONA
MONA Moorilla

Moorilla MONA

Tasmania Wine Region Treasure Island


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Advertise with Wine Diva

Wine Diva brings wine lovers and professionals to your website door. You have spent a lot of time and money publishing your website. The next step is to ensure that you tell the world about what you do and how you do it.

Wine Diva is one site for all things wine. A range of advertising options is available, from free listings to banner advertisements. All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Wine Diva records thousands of unique visitor sessions every month, effectively bringing wine lovers and wine professionals to your door. Our visitors come from every continent thus providing an opportunity for you to reach international markets.

Wine Diva Users Demographics

In 2009 Wine Diva conducted a very successful online survey in cooperation a postgraduate student from the University of Wollongong.  The survey had 501 respondents. The results of this survey are listed below.


Our wine audience is over 34,000 visitors a month - 25 - 65 years old evenly spread age and geographically - majority drinking Australian wine several times a week - 60% are women - 80% travel to wine regions.

Further details


evenly spread  from 25-64 years (5% - 18-24 yrs) (5%- 65+)


60% female

Country of origin

Australia = 87%, USA 3.8%, Canada 1.6%, UK 1.4%, NZ 1.2%

State of respondent

Victoria 25%, NSW 25%, SA 17%

Self described

wine consumer 52%, Wine enthusiast 37%, Connoisseur 8%

Drinking frequency

daily 15%, several times a week 43%, weekly 23%

Buying price range

under $10 = 5%, $10-$15 = 27%, $16-$24 = 46%, $25-$39 = 15%

Wine region travel

3 x per year + = 27%, once or twice per year = 33%, once
every few years = 20%

Wine Services Package

The Wine Services Package is designed to enable publication of content from wine producers. So as wineries and brand owners you now have the opportunity to promote your newest star wines, shout about awards, and announce events and news with a new package that keeps your wine and wineries/cellar doors in front of a large wine consuming audience. New pages have been launched on for new wine releases, show awards and news announcements.  These are just some of the features of the new Wine Services Package that is now available. 

You now have 6 new reasons to directly reach your audience using Wine Diva:

1. Guaranteed publication
2.  Year round red carpet appearances
3. Top Billing
4.  Wineries, labels and brand names in lights
5. Announcements on Facebook and Twitter
6. Budget Control

Guaranteed publication:-  Wine Diva gives you control over the publishing of your media releases and you can adjust them to ensure they produce the results that you want.  All new entries to the new Wine Diva pages may be uploaded by you or by the Wine Diva team - publication of new entries is guaranteed.

Year round red carpet appearances :- Wine Diva now gives you the ability to provide shameless exposure throughout the year for your labels and brands ensuring that they are kept in front of their audience and that Wine Diva-ers are kept up to date with the latest news and releases.  To view the new pages please visit the links below.

News items such as the launch of a new cellar door or website.

New releases

Show Stoppers



Top Billing:-  Entries featured on the new pages will always be 'proudly supported' by the your 'Enhanced listing' in the directory sections which ensures you will be easy to find on Wine Diva with direct links to your website. Enhanced listings get top billing on the region listings page as well as in their usual alphabetical position ensuring stand out for the winery. Click here for examples of Enhanced listings

Your name in lights:-  The Wine Diva team strives to ensure the site continues to be the leading Australian wine gateway by making sure that the site is at the top of the search engine results, driving traffic throughout the site.  In 2009, the site recorded nearly half a million visitor sessions and it is expected that 2010 will see an increase of 15%.

Budget Control:-  Finally, with the new Wine Services Packages you will be able to plan publication for the whole year.  No more having to downgrade your red carpet events because now you can have one easy outlay at the start of the budget period.  The Wine Services Packages starts at $513.00 for an entire year and for this price you will be able to upload 10 entries giving you at least 20 weeks of limelight in front of a highly interested audience.  Talk to the Wine Diva team about your requirements. Ph (02) 4285 7199 or email


This special section for wine industry suppliers is designed to get your news and new products and services before the wine industry professionals. This space gives you 220 words + and two images so the thousands of visitors to the page will see your advertorial and be able to click a link to the page of your choice.
Price: $275 per month.


Value add your video clips by placing them before a wider audience on Wine Diva. Videos are a great way to introduce consumers to your wines or wine professionals to your product. Distributing your videos on Wine Diva enables you to reach a large and passionate wine audience.

Price: $450 per 300 clicks

Video production

If you are looking to produce videos Wine Diva in association with Theme Media TV provides a high quality web TV (video) production service where we combine our extensive knowledge of the wine industry and wine consumer with high end production values so your video has the qualities to appeal to and entertain wine audiences. Theme-media TV

Priced so even small to medium wineries and businesses can have videos distributed on web TV. Please email or call for a quote.
Ph (02) 4285 7199 or email

Free basic listing

A basic listing includes name, contact details and links to your email address and web site. You are entitled to one free listing per state location.

Additional basic listing

Do you have more than one location in your state?

If so, you can purchase additional basic listings with contact details and links.

Price: $85.00 per year.

Standard Listing - Logo

An image of your choice to make your listing stand out (logo, wine label or other graphic).

Price: $115 per year category - *5% discount applies for multiple listings.

Enhanced listing - Logo + Text + Symbols

Elaborate on your products and services with useful and enticing information for potential customers.

This package is excellent value, as it includes your logo and service symbols in the price. An added advantage of a descriptive listing is that you can include keywords relating to your products and services in your 70 word description. Keywords allow search engines to find your entry more readily, and may give you a higher listing on search result lists.

Service symbols are only included if they apply to your business.

Basic listing + logo + up to 70 words of text + service symbols

Enhanced listings for wineries

Included in Enhanced listings for wineries and vineyards are cellar door opening hours and a link to online ordering which will direct your customers straight to your product purchasing pages. Links are made to secure online shopping pages and html ordering pages (pdfs of ordering pages cannot be included in this service).

Basic listing + logo + up to 70 words of text + cellar door opening hours + service symbols
Price $229.00 per year

Symbols are:

Cellar door

Cellar door











Disability access

Disability access

Mailing list

Mailing list






Enhanced listings for Wine industry suppliers

Included in Enhanced listings for wine industry suppliers are contact details and links to email and the web page of your choice plus symbols (Wholesale, retail and secondhand). Enhanced listings guarantee you stay at the top of the page of your product/service categories.

Price $229 for up to 3 product/service categories per year - $25 per each additional category per year.


Enhanced listings for Tour providers

Included in Enhanced listings for wine industry suppliers are contact details and links to email and the web page of your choice plus symbols (Wholesale, retail and secondhand). Enhanced listings guarantee you stay at the top of the page of your product/service categories.

Price $229 for up to 3 product/service categories per year - $25 per each additional category per year.


Advertising your event

Wine Diva offers premium event advertising space on our Calendar pages and Home Page.
Calendar page banner $12.95 per day (min 7 days)
Home page event banner $15.50 per day (min 7 days)
Standard listing - Logo or image of choice beside your event listing for high visibility $9.50 per day (min 7 days)
Enhanced listing (event details + logo/image + 70 word ad) $10.95 per day (min 7 days)

Please phone (02) 4285 7199 or email to book your dates.

Calendar of events listing

A basic events listing is free. Listings include name of event, dates, event venue, address, contact details, email, web address (URL). Turn your listing into an ad by adding an image/logo + 70 words for only $10.95 per day. Link your Enhanced listing to the booking form or event information on your site.

Banner advertisement

Wine Diva offers high exposure space which you can utilise to attract maximum attention. These banners appear at the top of pages on the site.

Your advertisement can be linked to a particular category, state or region to be seen by the right audience. All banner advertisements are hotlinked back to the advertiser's web site.

We charge on a cost per click basis so you only pay if a customer clicks on your banner on Wine Diva. Price is only $350 for every 500 people who click your link to go to your site.

Banner ads may rotate. Two sizes are available: 600 x 90 high pixels or 120 x 600 high pixels.

Please note: We do not host animated advertisements as this causes severe irritation to many computer users. We will host ads that fade in/out and multiple banner advertisements.

List of categories available:

Wineries & vineyards; Wine regions; Labels & brands; Wine courses; Grape varieties; Reviews & vintages; Publications; Accommodation, Restaurants; Tours; Wine; Wine accessories; Wine industry suppliers; Education courses; Wine jobs and Organisations.

Advertisements within some categories can also be linked to particular regions: Wineries & vineyards; Accommodation; Restaurants; Tours; Organisations and Calendar of events.

Banner advertisement - events calendar

We also offer banner advertising on our Calendar pages and Home Page, so your event achieves maximum visibility.
Link your banner to the booking form or event information on your site.
Calendar page banner $12.95 per day (min 7 days)
Home page event banner $15.50 per day (min 7 days)

How should I send my text and artwork?

You can send your material by email or post, or we can contact you to discuss the best way to receive your content.

Emailing material:
- image files: a tif, jpg, psd or png file. Please don't compress your image files unless they are over 1Meg.
- text files: a doc, rtf or txt file

Email address:

Mailed material:
- ensure sufficient quality of material for scanning. Scanning artwork from brochures can present problems if the quality is not good. Please send the crispest and clearest version you have, and avoid versions where you can see 'pixelation' (visible dots).

More information

For more information about any of our services please call Wine Diva
+ 61 (0)2 4285 7199.